Testimonials About CaliforniaLife.com and the Insurance Services We Offer

My wife and I are very pleased with the time you took to explain how much life insurance we really need. We’re even happier now that we’re both insured. Thinking about life insurance can be overwhelming, but thanks to you, we now have insurance that we’re very pleased with.

- John S., Los Angeles, CA

With my kids, I’ve been thinking about what might happen to them if I died. Thank you for helping me find the life insurance I needed for my peace of mind. Now I know that they’ll be okay, financially, if something happens to me.

- Linda R., San Francisco, CA

I didn’t think I needed life insurance, because I’m not married and don’t have any children, but I was concerned about my family having to pay for my final bills. Your insurance agents found me the perfect policy that will pay for my funeral (which hopefully won’t be happening for a very long time!).

- Mike F., San Diego, CA

I thought my husband was making a foolish decision when he purchased an accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy. But when he lost his arm in a car accident, I was grateful that we had the coverage. Thank you, CaliforniaLife.com!

- Lizabet D. , Fresno, CA

I wasn’t sure if I could afford life insurance, but I wanted to have something to help my family if I died. The people at CaliforniaLife.com explained to me how I could get a policy that I could fit into my budget and that will help my kids stay in our home. Thank you!

- Shondra W., Orange County, CA

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