Affordable California Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance Options for Residents of California

Have you been concerned about your loved ones being able to stay in your family home, should you pass away? Do you fear for your spouse and children, that they might not be able to pay off the mortgage on your home without your income adding to the family’s regular monthly budget? Then you need to consider a California mortgage life insurance policy. Your policy will help your family pay off any outstanding debt on your mortgage and allow them to stay in the home that they love, full of memories of you. A mortgage life insurance policy is one more way that you can provide for your family, even after you’re gone.

At, we are pleased to offer our clients affordable, rapidly approved mortgage life insurance to California residents. Our policies are widely and readily available, work with your budget, and are one way of providing financial stability for your family and peace of mind for yourself. And you may be eligible for a no medical exam mortgage life insurance policy. Additionally, many policies we offer are approved within 24- to 48-hours.

This is Not Your Parents’ Mortgage Life Insurance

In the past, a mortgage life insurance policy paid directly to the company holding the mortgage on the policy holder’s home. But today’s mortgage life insurance coverage pays the policy’s benefits directly to the policy holder’s beneficiaries, to be used as they see fit. Yes, the benefits can be used to pay down or pay off the mortgage on the family’s home, or the funds can be used for another purpose, as the beneficiary sees fit.

Also differing from the old policies, today’s mortgage life policy benefits do not decrease as the mortgage is paid down. Whatever benefit limit you originally agree to is the amount your beneficiaries will collect, should you pass on.

Secure Your California Mortgage Life Insurance, Today

Contact the mortgage life insurance experts at, now. We’ll be glad to talk with you about the benefits – and financial security for your family, in the event of your death – and affordability of a California mortgage life insurance policy. You owe it to your family to see that their needs are met, and you owe it to yourself, for peace of mind knowing that you’ve done all you can to care for your family. A mortgage life insurance policy from will meet both of those obligations. Call us, today, for more information and free quotes on California mortgage life insurance.

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