California Health Insurance Options

Did you know that there are many different types of health insurance currently available to California residents? Sometimes the number of health insurance options can seem overwhelming to the consumer: how to decide which health insurance type is right for you and for your family? There’s no one right answer to that question. Your specific situation is different from that of your neighbor, and that’s why it’s essential that you have information about your local health insurance choices, so you can make an educated decision about the appropriate coverage for your and your family.

Preferred Provider Organization: PPO Health Insurance

With a California PPO health insurance plan, you are able to see medical professionals that are a part of the “preferred provider network” for that carrier. Included are general practitioners and family physicians, medical specialists, and hospitals. Most PPO health insurance plans offer two tiers of service: you’ll have a small co-pay for seeing doctors and medical experts who are a part of the network and you’ll be charged more if you elect to see a physician who is not in the network. You may have the option to also purchase dental and vision insurance along with your PPO. PPO health insurance plans are very affordable, usually have different deductibles from which you can choose, and provide the greatest range of treatment options.

Health Maintenance Organization: HMO Health Insurance

When you select an HMO health insurance plan, you will be enrolling in what is commonly called a “managed care” insurance plan. All of your medical care will be provided by doctors and other medical specialists within the organization, ranging from your general care physician to clinics, hospitals, and specialized care. HMO health insurance is usually extremely affordable, and many HMO insurance plans have no annual deductible that you are required to meet. Co-pays for doctor visits, prescriptions, and medical procedures tend to be very low with California HMO coverage.

Individual Health Insurance

If you are an individual in California needing insurance coverage, there are many options available to you. You may elect to purchase catastrophic or major medical individual health insurance, which has a higher deductible and works best for major health incidents. Or you can select an individual health plan from a PPO or an HMO. Individual health insurance is widely available and can be very affordable, depending on the plan that you select and the amount of the deductibles and co-pays.

Group Health Insurance

Another popular option for health insurance in California is group health insurance. If you’re an employer wanting to offer health insurance to your employees, we can find you group health insurance that’s affordable and that will make your employees happy. Most insurance companies consider any number over two employees to be a group, which makes purchasing group health insurance relatively simple and easily accessible.

COBRA Health Insurance

COBRA health insurance is federally mandated coverage that allows an individual to continue health insurance coverage when they’ve been laid-off or are between jobs. In California, COBRA insurance allows the purchaser to obtain health insurance at group rates – typically less than an individual policy would cost – though the insured person does have to pay the full cost of the insurance, including what an employer would normally contribute. COBRA health insurance coverage is considered to be short term or temporary and is just supposed to fill in the coverage gap while you look for another job.

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